About LSU OMS Alumni Association

The LSU OMS Alumni Association is a vibrant organization of oral surgeons. We support the School of Dentistry through student outreach and through a host of other activities. We support alumni through facilitating a means for alumni to remain in touch with the School and with each other.

Each year the Alumni Association presents $3400 in scholarships to all the dental classes based on professional development, plus two additional awards to the senior dental class for clinical excellence and most motivated student. Our Alumni Association also sponsors a mentorship program that matches alumni with interested students. The Annual Alumni Mentor Night gives students an opportunity to meet alumni and gain valuable insight into therealworld challenges of practicing dentistry and dental hygiene.

Three times a year the Alumni Association sponsors a competitive blood drive to help replenish our Blood Center with blood, 50-60% of which is transfused to prematurely born infants. The Alumni Association also organizes an outstanding two-day scientific session each year. As part of the scientific session, class reunions are coordinated.